Tracking and tracing products throughout the entire supply chain.

Powerchain combines value chain mapping, supply chain risk analysis and risk mitigation with the opportunities offered by blockchain technology in an elegant way to enhance traceability in (food) supply chains. The Powerchain is a decentralized, distributed platform that allows secure and cost-effective sharing of (sensitive) data between supply chain participants, making use of the blockchain technology and combining it with mobile decentralized apps, QR coding, data gathering applications and other technologies. The ImpactBuying Powerchain application is built on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform. Blockchain encrypts all actions performed with an object into code. This encryption cannot be removed, altered nor omitted. Blockchain gives data ownership back to users, as users have full control and transparency over their data and the data is open (i.e. participants of the blockchain see that transactions happen). 

This blockchain based solution provides a full line of communication between producers and consumers, and all actors in between. The Powerchain can be used as a traceability solution in combination with the ImpactBuying Platform. The Powerchain can be used for each product or group of products and is ideal for tracking high risk items in real-time. The communication between producer and consumer can be enhanced with a QR code generator. With this, ImpactBuying introduces the concept Tip2Farmer, allowing consumers to send a direct financial donation to the farmer or grower through the Powerchain app.  

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