With more than 250.000 mapped supply and product chains, we are at the forefront of providing valuable insights for creating positive impact.

Our Mission

We enable sustainable buying for companies and consumers so that their buying decisions based on trusted data result in a proven positive impact for people and the environment in product supply chains.

Our vision

Lead the change and inspire a movement towards sustainable and responsible buying by companies and individuals.

What we stand for:






Data-driven and fact-based

Since many years and like no one else, we master the skills of continuous data verification and validation. This is the fundament of our fact-based supply chain assessments.


We are entrepreneurs ourselves – seeking business opportunities is our second nature. 

Fair play

Discretion and trustworthiness are a guarantee.

Do-good business

Through close collaboration with producers, traders, retailers and consumers worldwide, we help transform supply chains for the better, while creating a positive impact on people’s livelihood and our planet.  

Can-do mentality

We don’t take no for an answer – together we can always shape better supply chain conditions for people and the environment.