Since 2020 Impactbuying’s Academy emerged from the need of training in

due diligence, living wage and sustainability. Find how we can help you here.

Due diligence training

A proper due diligence process involves identifying, preventing, mitigating and remediating (potential) risks and negative impacts resulting from a company’s actions. ImpactBuying can assist you on your knowledge about due diligence and can train you accordingly.

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Social compliance training 

Within ESG policies and as part of the upcoming due diligence legislation the human rights situation withing supply chains play a crucial role. But how can you know if your suppliers are social compliant?

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Sustainable procurement training

Procurement teams are the sustainability leaders of the future. Are you up to speed?

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Living wage and living income training

Understanding what living wage is and how to verify this gap is the only way to start closing it.

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