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ImpactBuying is the dedicated partner for organizations that want to make a proven positive impact in their supply chains and as a result have a sustainable product assortment. Positive Impact is defined as a durable change to the lives of people, their communities and/or to the natural environment. ImpactBuying enables companies to reach positive impact in their supply chains and to transparently communicate about that. ImpactBuying helps organizations to demonstrate to their consumers, stakeholders and suppliers that sustainability is more than words.

Involvement procurement

Currently, category managers and buyers who negotiate with suppliers, are steered and incentivized on financial KPIs. Usually they lack knowledge when it comes to sustainability and what is expected from them in terms of sustainable procurement. ImpactBuying solves this disconnection between sustainability goals and procurement practices. Hands-on and pragmatic.

Monetizing sustainability efforts

Organizations invest heavily in staff, technology, certification and Human Rights Impact Assessments (HRIA) when looking at their sustainability agenda. But making an actual impact is often overlooked. The investments do not deliver enough proof of impact results, in example for deforestation and human rights in supply chains. ImpactBuying can assist with investigating the existing efforts and investments of your organization, to see where proven impact can be made. Resulting in sustainable products that enable positive impact communication.

Social Business

ImpactBuying is a Social business with a focus on positive impact in the core of their activities.  Founded in 2018 by Marjan de Bock-SmitLeontien Hasselman Plugge and Anton de Bock , three purpose-driven entrepreneurs that share the vision that buying power of organizations should have a positive impact on the lives of people and the environment.

Impactful business model

ImpactBuying developed a concept that is based on a business model that adds value for all participants in a supply chain of a product. ImpactBuying is developed for retailers and brands that are ready to take a different approach, with two main goals:

Internalize positive impact alongside financial gain within buying policies. Provide category managers and buyers the necessary knowledge and tools to incorporate, measure and report KPIs on positive impact achieved over time: as a procurement organization and per buying department. Allowing integrated reporters to use that quantitative data on sustainability.

Offer a premium based solution for retailers and brands that results in Proven Positive Impact on product level that can be communicated. Thereby creating double sided loyalty: binding the growing group of consumers that care, and at the same time creating loyalty towards the supply chains partners and their workers who benefit from the premium.

ImpactBuying contributes to the shift from  compliance to positive impact.

Products & Services

ImpactBuying’s products and services are modular, so we can work together to create the solution your company needs to make a proven positive impact.

Shift to Impact

Consultancy and advise for retailers, brands and traders to transition from compliance to a proven positive impact in their supply chains and to integrate responsible buying practices. Along with ESG goals throughout the organization with clear communication, targets and strategy at C-suite level. The ImpactBuying Impact Assessment takes a deep dive into the product group with which the client wants to create a Proven Positive Impact – in close collaboration with the assortment- and/or category-, sustainability manager and the buyer. Read more

Impact communication

The Double Sided Loyalty Program offers retailers and brands a consumer facing positive impact claim on product level that is measured, proven, and transparent. It connects the consumer with the people who make or grow our food. And it connects the loyalty program to not only benefit the consumer but also the supply chain by offering a premium, points, bonus to both and ensure it results in proven positive impact. Read more

ImpactBuying Academy

The ImpactBuying Academy is set up with the strong belief that buying professionals will become the hero’s that truly can make the world a better place. In order to do so and become an ImpactBuyer, we have set up procurement trainings for buyers and category managers on responsible buying practices. This also includes learning to work with the Living Wage Roadmap that is developed to add trust and deliver solutions to identify and close the living wage gaps in supply chains. Read more

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