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It is about a proven positive impact

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ImpactBuying is the dedicated partner for organizations that want to have a sustainable product assortment and as a result make a proven positive impact in their supply chains. Organizations that work with ImpactBuying demonstrate to their consumers, stakeholders and suppliers that sustainability is more than words.

Involvement procurement:

The fact is that currently category managers and buyers who negotiate with suppliers, are steered and incentivized on financial KPIs. Category managers and buyers lack knowledge when it comes to sustainability and what is expected from them. ImpactBuying solves this disconnection between sustainability goals and procurement practices. Hands-on and pragmatic.

Monetizing sustainability efforts:

Organizations with a sustainability agenda have invested heavily in staff, technology, certification and Human Rights Impact Assessments (HRIA). Yet the investments did not deliver enough proof of impact results on topics like deforestation and human rights in supply chains. For ImpactBuying the existing efforts and investments of an organizations are the starting point to investigate where existing sustainability efforts can lead to proven impact. Resulting sustainable products that enable positive impact communication.

Social Business

ImpactBuying is a Social business with a focus on positive impact in the core of their activities.  Founded in 2018 by Marjan de Bock-SmitLeontien Hasselman Plugge and Anton de Bock  Three purpose-driven entrepreneurs that share the vision that buying power of organizations should have a positive impact on the lives of people and the environment.

 “A social business is defined as an organisation that seeks to be financially successful while creating social and/or environmental impact. It has commercial goals and it has impact goals”

Projects delivered by us

Positive Impact Assessment 

A large retailer in the Netherlands, asked ImpactBuying BV to perform a Positive Impact Assessment on their certified coffee assortment.

Impact Transition support

A Dutch based buying organization decided to make the transition from compliance to Impact

Positive impact (tender) support 

A large Dutch retailer decided to set up a tender for a speciality range coffee with a proven positive impact for the farmers related to that coffee.

Strategic Impact Consultancy

ImpactBuying BV was asked to deliver strategic consultancy to support the development of the Living Wage Roadmap

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