Our Partnerships

Creating positive impact together

We believe in partnerships to be able to turn your supply chain challenges into business opportunities with a positive impact on people and planet. In order to pave the way to Proven Positive Impact – we have invited some partners to walk along with us. We believe that through close collaboration, we can transform supply chains for the better. Learn more about our partners down below.


Amfori BSCI provides an auditing methodology as well as a reporting system that assist companies to improve working conditions in their international supply chains. We are a strategic partner for Amfori as we have a special status that allows us to work in the Amfori database on behalf of our clients that are Amfori member. We are working with Amfori on the formal connection for ImpactBuying on the Amfori platform.



IDH works with businesses, financiers, governments and civil society to realize sustainable trade in global value chains. We are a strategic partner for IDH on the topic of Living Wages, as we contributed to the development of the Living Wage Roadmap. And we are the dedicated training organization for training auditors and specialists on verifying the living wage gap. We also develop scenario’s for closing the Living Wage gap and the SIVAF program.


Modint is the business organization for manufacturers, importers, agents and wholesalers in the textiles and apparel industry in the Netherlands. We co-created a textile transparency module that is available as an option in our suite of solutions. The configuration in the module in completely in line with the IMVO commitment that Dutch textile traders and producers made to improve the sustainability in their supply chains.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. We are happy to be working with Microsoft Azure with our tooling.


Is a farm Good Agricultural Practice standard which includes a range of standards for safe, social and environmentally responsible farming criteria. The standard is requested by almost all our customers when it comes to fruit and vegetables.  We have an API with GlobalGap in our systems in order to extract the GG certification information of a supplier, delivered by the certification body, directly into our system. This safes time in data collection and verification.


Being a partner of MVO Nederland, we strive for the same thing together: to achieve an economy that is climate neutral, circular and inclusive as quickly as possible, also in the chain.


ImpactBuying is a proud GRI Community member. Over 500 organizations from over 70 countries are part of the GRI Community. The members reflect the diversity of GRI sustainability reporting, with organizations large and small, private and public, located in all regions.


The True-code.org is an initiative from IB to get trusted information from farmers beyond the trader. It is focused on making small-holder farmers visible and collect deforestation related fact of supply chains in high risk countries. The free True-code.org location passport allows traders and cooperatives to demonstrate that they know their supply chains without revealing the sensitive details.  The True-code.org location passports are integrated in our platform.

The Consumer
Goods Forum

Working together and driving positive change: that’s what the CGF and IB have in common. Therefore we are a longstanding member. ImpactBuying is a steering committee member on the End2End value chain pillar of the CGF and has been involved as a strategic consultant on the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI). CGF is the only organization that brings consumer goods retailers and manufacturers together globally.


The International Featured Standards (IFS) comprise eight different food and non-food standards, covering the processes along the supply chain. We work together with IFS on several strategic topics since the beginning of its existence and recently we became the strategic partner in the development of the ESG and Carbon Footprint check.

Google Maps

ImpactBuying has a link with Google Maps into our platform, in order to show the exact locations of retailers, producers and all other tiers into the platform. Our clients can plot their location directly into Google Maps.


We collaborate with CIS to harness the power of IB to safeguard our organization against cyber threats. 


Eurofins safeguards food and water safety with lab tests.  We have partnered with Eurofins to be able to get the results of the lab tests directly into our tooling.

Common Tongue

ImpactBuying and CommonTongue exchange real time packing information through a link in our platform.

Young Food Policy

Foodpolicy is a closed network of progressive managers from the Dutch food sector that focuses on making the food chain more sustainable. Key concepts are the environment, health, human rights and animal welfare. We are proud to be a member.