We have the IT tools and the teams to make sure that you have relevant, up-to-date and accurate supply chain data.

In the 13 years that we make International Supply Chains transparent and products traceable we learned: no organization is the same. Based on a Pick and mix philosophy we developed IT solutions and data services that fit your needs and your existing situation. Some organizations just want to get started to get their basic data in order while others look for an ImpactBuying IT tool to map their supply chain or want to get started to be ready for the upcoming due diligence legislation. We got you covered.

From straightforward supply chain mapping and tracking IT tools, to sophisticated solutions that manage your complete supplier and product data with a supporting multilingual team: we have what you are looking for. ImpactBuying has everything you need to identify, monitor and manage your supply chains.  We allow our customers with our intelligent dashboards and visualizations to stay in full control of their supply chains and their Due Diligence risks. All relevant data is securely stored in the ImpactBuying data warehouse. The ImpactBuying platform allows producers that supply to multiple retailers to share their supply chain information with customers in just a few clicks.

Do you want to understand what IT tools fit best with your ambitions?  

SIM Solutions: Supplier and product
Complete and accurate supply chain information in one central place

Our ImpactBuying simple but effective supplier- and product database. ImpactBuying Solutions is used by many of the ImpactBuying clients. It is a cloud based solutions that fits in every existing IT landscape. All your supply chain information in one cloud-based IT solution. This enables you to gather all relevant data with tailored requests and questionnaires. Your suppliers can submit their data directly in their own language. All data can be exported and connected to your existing systems. You get a complete overview of the compliance and sustainability of your supply chain, by which you can deal with next generation risk management.

Pick-and-mix our IT Solutions

Choose the modules you need to generate data you can act on

At ImpactBuying, we know that every organisation has different data needs. That’s why we enable you with our modular structure to build your own bespoke supply chain database system. You can choose from a selection of add-on modules that tailor the ImpactBuying Database to your organizational needs.



Such as:

  • Product Specifications Module – Collect and store detailed product-level information in collaboration with your suppliers.
  • Product Development/Tender Module – Reach out to potential suppliers in the tender module, organizing and storing the process in the ImpactBuying Database. 
  • Complaint Module – Register and solve internal and external complaints about suppliers or products.
  • Lab Module – Connect with your lab and import results directly to the ImpactBuying Database.
  • Packaging Design Module – Integrate your packaging design processes.
  • Recipe Module – Map the chain and tree structure of products for composite products and product recipes.
  • Medium Control – Organize and cluster your specifications into sections and use the output for several needs.
ImpactBuying producer and trader Platform
Controlled data sharing for producers and traders

Being a producer or trader, your customers ask you to share your supply chain data, including information on the origin of products and ingredients as well as certification data from your suppliers. We developed an IT platform for producers and traders to collect data requests from several clients and allow managing client requests from your account on the ImpactBuying platform.   Producers and traders can collect and share supply chains, collect information and documentation, store their data in their own library and share it with multiple customers. You see your performance through the lens of your clients – and share your data with multiple customers in just one click.

Business Intelligence dashboards

Your personalised dashboard for monitoring supply chain risks

Our Business Intelligence Dashboards (BID) gives you a visual overview of the current situation. You can easily view patterns and forecasts, upon which you can take informed decisions. Your raw data is translated into valuable information and made comprehensible through dashboards you and your stakeholders can immediately understand and act upon. We use reliable data from the ImpactBuying Supplier Database and other sources you can select yourself. 


It enables you to:

  • View your data geographically on world maps
  • Understand how compliant your supply chains are, visualized per product, country, etc.
  • Set goals for compliance, certification, etc.
  • Check detailed information, such as the amount of salt in selected products from selected countries in a given time period