With our international team of experts, we can efficiently and confidentially reach out to all supply chain actors in their native language and their own business time zone. Where are your products produced and under which circumstances?


ImpactBuying B.V. is a B-Corporation formed through the merger of ImpactBuying and Supply chain Information Management B.V. Co-CEO’s Marjan de Bock-Smit and Leontien Hasselman-Plugge are purpose-driven entrepreneurs. They have the shared vision that buying power should have a positive impact on the lives of people and the environment. They are convinced that making money and doing good can and must go together

Marjan de Bock-Smit – Co-CEO


As a risk management professional, Marjan has always been at the forefront of developments in the fast-changing international consumer goods markets. In 1993, she founded Précon Food Safety Systems, that became market leader in the implementation of risk management systems (HACCP) for the food and retail sector. Her next company was ISACert, an accredited Certification Body with 300 auditors, represented in 16 countries, including China. She supported the development of several audit standards and started specialising in social compliance and human rights. With her knowledge and insights of international supply chain practices, Marjan founded Supply Chain Information Management (SIM) in 2009 to help retailers and brands creating transparency in their supply chains. In 2020 she co-founded ImpactBuying, developing consultancy and training products for helping clients to move from compliancy towards ensuring Proven Positive Impact. In 2021, the product portfolio of SIM and ImpactBuying merged into ImpactBuying bv. Marjan is a dedicated social entrepreneur, determined to make a difference.

Leontien Hasselman-Plugge – Co-CEO


Trained in business and environmental law, Leontien started her career at the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). She spent ten years at the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), where specialized in measuring non-financial performance and impact in global supply chains. She worked in many countries training a variety of companies in understanding, measuring, improving and communicating ESG performance. During her traveling in producing countries, she came to understand that there is nothing you can say about product sustainability as long as you don’t know where the goods are made and by whom. In 2014, Leontien met Marjan, what appeared to be a match made in heaven as SIM was a pioneer in unravelling supply chains. Leontien started as the Managing Director and became the business partner of Marjan in 2016. They co-founded the Impact Buying Group together with the goal to expand their ambition to help companies using their buying power to make a Proven Positive Impact. Leontien is a mother, an optimist, a storyteller and a social entrepreneur with the drive to help retailers and FMCG brands to understand the complexity of their supply chains and use these insights and their buying power for doing good.