Ensuring your data is accurate, timely and complete

An IT tool without timely, accurate and complete information is an empty shell. We do essential supply chain mapping, providing our customers with evidence for product safety, social compliance and environmental risks. With a dedicated expert team speaking 18 languages, we are in close contact with all actors in our customers’ supply chain to collect the relevant data. We are accredited against the ISAE3402, to ensure that the mandate we receive from our clients is captured in agreed processes and data quality checks. We offer full support with gathering, verifying and validating your data, ensuring the data can be trusted and turned into relevant information.

Our Team Data Services helps you to ensure that all your data across ImpactBuying platforms is accurate, timely and complete. This gives you the peace of mind that your risks are covered within the validity period and enables you to use the data for efficient supply chain management and risk mitigation. No need to say that this is vital for well-informed decision making. Our expert team of supply chain analysts speaks more than 18 languages and works in every time zone. Following a set-up process, we offer data gathering, verification, validation, result analysis and support for compliancy issues.