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Transition to Impact

Consultancy and advise for retailers, brands and traders to transition from compliance to a proven positive impact in their supply chains and how to integrate responsible buying practices and ESG goals throughout the organization with clear communication, targets and strategy at C-suite level.

Positive Impact Assessment

Based on the outcome of the Due Diligence analysis, the ImpactBuying Impact Assessment takes a deep dive into the product group with which the client wants to create a Proven Positive Impact. In close cooperation with the assortment/category manager, sustainability manager and the buyer, we look closely at the product group and investigate the opportunities the client has to make a Proven Positive Impact. ImpactBuying works together with the buyer and the supplier to set goals and targets that translate into suggested KPIs, as well as calculating the business case and investigating different financial models.

Case Study/Proof of concept

A large retailer in the Netherlands asked ImpactBuying BV to perform a Positive Impact Assessment on their certified coffee assortment. The central question: can the retailer claim positive impact on the level of the farmers related to their certified coffee?  The outcome of this assessment led to the decision, by the assortment manager and the buyer, to create a speciality range of coffee with a proven positive impact that can be directly linked to farmers.

Impact Transition support 

ImpactBuying is offering support to internalize positive impact in existing buying processes by the integration of commitments, policies and targets with decision making.

Case Study/Proof of concept

A large Dutch retailer decided to set up a tender for a speciality range of coffee with a proven positive impact for the farmers related to that coffee. ImpactBuying BV supported the retailer with the tender process, by creating the positive impact criteria for both the long list and the short list selection. For the three potential suppliers on the short list, a thorough Impact assessment on the real options to claim a positive impact was executed. This investigation resulted in a set of positive impact KPIs, in collaboration with the potential suppliers. The positive impact KPIs are an integral part of the contract with the supplier of choice. After the selection ImpactBuying developed a roadmap to get the product on the shelf with a proper communication on the product or shelf.

Strategic Impact consultancy

ImpactBuying helps organizations to integrate positive impact with the definition of a strategy, policies, commitments, roadmaps, targets, KPIs.

Case Study/Proof of concept

ImpactBuying BV was asked by IDH to deliver strategic consultancy to support the development of the Living Wage Roadmap. One of the important elements of the roadmap is “trust but verify”. This gives buying organizations a “verified solution” that enables them to start the dialogue with their suppliers about closing the living wage gap. ImpactBuying developed several training programs for auditors that will perform the verification on the site of organisations, that use(d) the IDH Salary Matrix to calculate the Living Wage gap. As a strategic impact consultant for IDH, ImpactBuying BV will actively work together with IDH towards a robust roll-out of the Living Wage Roadmap.

Case Study/Proof of concept

A Dutch based buying organization decided to make the transition from compliance to Impact. ImpactBuying was therefore contracted to investigate the content and the effectiveness of the implementation of “Gedrags Code” (Behaviour Code) that had been developed in 2017. The outcome led to a new Code of Conduct and a new strategy.

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