ImpactBuying Packaging Management Solutions
Reach your packaging KPI’s while saving time

ImpactBuying offers the go-to solution to collect, verify and report on packaging data.

Comply with new regulations and sustainability claims while saving time. European legislation and voluntary plastic reduction commitments are becoming essential in the retail landscape. To handle the challenges of today, we make sure that you have packaging data you can trust, report and act on.

To adhere to the expectations of conscious consumers and (upcoming) legislation, you need packaging solutions to collect data from your (sub-)suppliers and report progress while making sure the data is accurately, timely and complete. At ImpactBuying, we can assist you in your packaging journey while taking durability, recycling, water and energy waste, pollution and biodegradability into consideration. In our module, mandatory labelling and packaging claims on pack are also included.

With our packaging solutions, you will be able to collect and report on primary, secondary and tertiary packaging in line with GS1 standards. Do you want to know more about the solutions? Download the Packaging factsheet here.

the right CSR packaging data through our standardized formats

products with packaging you need to improve or eliminate

your packaging commitments and status of KPI’s

made easy with a packaging dashboard to analyze the data

the progress and meet (inter)national guidelines and legislation

to collect and verify packaging data throughout the supply chain

So, do you want to:

  • Steer on your packaging objectives?
  • Collaborate with your suppliers to improve your packaging?
  • Easy-to-use dashboards that visualize your packaging journey?

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Packaging Specialists today.

We offer packaging solutions that
help collect and report against:


  • European Green Deal
  • Circular Economy Action Plan
  • Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive
  • Plastic Pact
  • CBL Branche plan
  • Dutch Verpakkingsbelasting
  • Fostplus Belgium