The impact we make with the work we do

“Chances are that everyone here at the table has eaten something in the past week that the ImpactBuying B.V. team has verified. We found out where it was made, under which conditions and what the ingredients are.” – said Leontien Hasselman – Plugge, our Co-CEO, at a lunch.

Behind the scenes, we work hard for (food) retailers finding out information that is of importance to us all: Are too much #pesticides used? How are the #humanrights in a specific supply chain, or is there proof of #childlabour or #poorworkingconditions? Has a #livingwage been paid to workers throughout the worldwide chain? And what about water scarcity in certain regions, or the #CO2emissions on supplier- and product level?

It is important to know this information, as #legislation is coming up that requires it such as the #CSRD #CSDDD. Next to that, it’s ImpactBuying B.V.’s vision: As consumers, we vote every day what kind of world we create together by buying certain products. Our influence as individual consumers may seem negligible, but the collective purchasing power of all consumers can make an actual difference. With the work we do, we influence the profitability of products and thus the financial choices companies make.

So, yes we do find out the important things about the product you might have used this week. We do that product by product, for 14 years already. We have since mapped more than 250.000 production chains. So we know exactly where and under what conditions it was made. Everything starts with good data.

Monks’ work, but every day a small step leads to big impact in the long run. That applies to supply chain mapping, but also to consumer awareness.

How do you make proven positive impact?

  • 73% of marketshare of Dutch supermarkets work with ImpactBuying.
  • 14 years of experience
  • Mapped over 250.000 supply chains