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Impact Communication

The Double Sided Loyalty Program offers retailers and brands a consumer facing positive impact claim on product level that is measured, proven, and transparent. It connects the consumer with the people who make or grow our food. And it connects the loyalty program to not only benefit the consumer but also the supply chain by offering a premium, points, bonus to both and ensure it results in proven positive impact.

Double Sided Loyalty program

 “Consumers speak with their heart but buy with their wallet” that is what organizations often reply when results of yet another consumer survey on sustainability is presented. But what are the options for consumers that want to buy with their heart? At this moment, there is a wide range of premium based labels and sustainability claims that are difficult to check for consumers. The ImpactBuying Double-Sided Loyalty Program is a revolutionary concept that is connected to a sustainable product assortment. Based on a thorough Impact investigation at the involved supplier and the supply chain actors, positive impact KPIs that can be proven, become part of the (supplier) contract. The KPIs can be related to positive impact projects, or direct support, to enlighten the cost of living for farmers or workers.
The cost for achieving the positive impact KPIs are included in the price setting of the product, or are funded by the saving programs of organisations, such as/or by bonus programs etc. ImpactBuying works together with the organisation and their suppliers to turn the agreed KPI into an Impact Story that is easy to understand for consumers. The marketing is performed by the organisation itself and their suppliers.
Clever ImpactBuying technology will link the supply chain to the barcode of the product and the loyalty card program of the organisation. Allowing consumers to buy with their heart and show them how their purchase positively impacted lives of workers/farmers or to improvements of the environment.

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