Start embedding sustainability into the daily business with
the IFS ESG Check and its different modules.

IFS food and non-food standards cover processes along the supply chain. ESG (environment, social and governance) and sustainability are rapidly gaining importance as an integral part of customer specifications and market expectations. IFS wants to support the ESG journey of the IFS partner organizations: retailers, CB’s and IFS certified companies.

Therefore, the IFS developed a new concept: the IFS ESG Check. An accessible tool designed to help companies understand where they stand in their ESG journey, with an IFS ESG self-assessment at its fundament and a (voluntary) verification by an IFS auditor. The IFS ESG self-assessment form will deliver you the insights on which ESG areas you are already strong and where you have opportunities to grow. The result of an additional verification by an IFS auditor is an IFS ESG report that companies can use for internal and external stakeholders. The ESG Check can be added to an existing IFS audit or can be performed as a stand-alone verification. It is outside the scope of accreditation.

The IFS ESG check includes a general ESG module and a Carbon Footprint module. IFS wants to invest in the increase of knowledge of their partners. Therefore, IFS offers  training for free for the first 1000 IFS certified companies, for one auditor per certification body and for the first 20 internal auditors from retailers.

ImpactBuying Academy is the dedicated partner for IFS to develop the training program for the IFS ESG check and the Carbon Footprint module. The different training courses give explanation for the content and background of the criteria in the ESG Check. They will help companies to determine what steps to take on their ESG journey. The training courses are structured towards three audiences:

  • IFS Auditors and IFS Global Markets Assessors
  • Internal company auditors
  • Companies that want to want to implement ESG in their organizations and supply chains

The first courses will start in September 2022 and will be available weekly in 2022 and 2023 in different languages. A preparation package is included that participants can work on before the training.

“The IFS ESG Check helps to record involvement in environmental, social, and governance issues in small and mid-sized companies, thus guiding businesses into the next phase of their growth.

The IFS ESG Check creates the foundation on which businesses can align their sustainability management, identify risks, and plan their further engagement.” says Stephan Tromp, Managing Director of IFS Management GmbH.

Training for IFS Auditors

This online training of two half-day sessions will prepare IFS auditors for carrying out the verification of the IFS ESG Check and Carbon Footprint module. A practical and hands-on approach is combined with expert explanations of context like international guidelines and legislation. Participants will receive a preparation package containing a case study and homework exercises.

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Training for companies

For companies that want to implement sustainability and ESG this online training provides basic guidance: what steps to take to set up a sustainability management system, to define carbon emission reduction targets. And: how can you fill in the ESG Check self-assessments so you get a better view on where you stand. What does green washing mean, what is due diligence, where can you find examples, good practices and standards. The training includes two optional sessions of 2,5 hours for the ESG Check and the Carbon Footprint module.

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Training for first-, second- party (internal) auditors

An online training for a company or retailer’s in-house or second party auditors. The training consists of two optional half-day sessions, one for the ESG Check and one for the Carbon Footprint. Participants will be trained to evaluate suppliers as part of the organization’s overall quality management system, vendor assurance program or due diligence processes. By training your internal auditors on applying the ESG Check you have an accessible tool to assess SMEs in your supply chains, and help them improve in time.

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