IFS ESG Check training for retailer’s first-, second- party (internal) auditors

This is an online training course for retailer’s in-house or second party auditors. The training consists of two optional half-day sessions, one for the IFS ESG Check and one for the Carbon Footprint. Participants will be trained to evaluate suppliers as part of the retail organization’s overall quality management system, vendor assurance program or due diligence processes. By training your internal auditors on applying the ESG Check you have an accessible tool to assess SMEs in your supply chains, and help them improve in time.

Set-up of the training

The training will be offered in two optional modules:

  1. The ESG Check
  2. Carbon Footprint

The internal auditors can follow both modules, or choose to do only one. We recommend to start with the ESG Check and potentially follow the Carbon Footprint module as well. The training will be held in two days, as two sessions of four hours for each module. The preparation package is an integral part of the program. This homework is estimated to take two hours for each module. The course will be offered in English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish. 

Both sessions will be interactive and practice-focused, using case studies and examples. The ESG Check and Carbon Footprint self-assessment forms that will be filled in by the company are the starting points for each session. Next to going through the checklist to explain each requirement and its context, the participants will practice with verifying possible input that the company provides in the self-assessment.

Another important part of the training is the scoring that IFS has developed for the ESG Check and that the internal auditor can also apply. The scoring and the way to look at organizations that are in the process of implementing ESG/sustainability is different from auditing practice regarding for instance food safety. This will need thorough explanation by the trainer and exercises to practice a different ‘mindset’ of the auditor. The final part of the training focuses on writing the report and the summary.

IFS offers this training for free to the first 20 retailer’s in-house or second party auditors that sign up. As the goal of this training is for retailers to prepare their auditors for the IFS ESG Check, it is important that the retailer registers their auditors for the training. For 2022, the registrations are closed. 

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