IFS ESG Check training for companies

This is a training course for companies that want to implement sustainability and ESG. This online training provides basic guidance: What steps to take to set up a sustainability management system, to define carbon emission reduction targets. And: How can you fill in the ESG Check self-assessment so you get a better view on where you stand? What does green washing mean, What is due diligence, Where can you find examples, good practices and standards.

Set-up of the training

The training will be offered online in two optional modules:

  1. The ESG Check
  2. Carbon Footprint

The IFS ESG Check training for companies will be held in two sessions of 2,5 hours each. Companies can follow both modules, or choose to do only one. We recommend to start with the ESG Check and potentially follow the Carbon Footprint as well, depending on your sustainability goals and priorities. 

Participants can vary from sustainability officers, quality managers, buyers, to account managers and people working on the finance or reporting side of organizations. The course will be offered in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish. 

The training will go through all requirements of the checklist of the ESG Check, providing explanation, context and background, sources and good practices, and examples of how to fill in the self-assessment form.

After a successful first round of trainings in 2022, a new round has started. If you are interested in IFS ESG Check training, please register on the IFS E-learning platform via the link below. Session dates will be constantly updated, and in time more dates will be added. The IFS ESG Check training is €195,- per module of 2,5 hours. Secure your place with the registration links below.