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ImpactBuying Academy

The ImpactBuying Academy is set up with a strong believe that the development of a sustainable assortment requires leadership, knowledge and skills. We have developed several training programs for procurement and sustainability professionals. Providing the content to achieve a proven positive impact.


  1. Sustainable Buying
    How to translate the companies sustainability strategies and policies into the daily practices of Buyers to promote sustainable buying practices. An in-company tailor made training for your organization’s Buyers.
  2. Selling your sustainable product
    How to justify the value proposition that sustainable products bring to your organization. An in-company tailor made training for your organization’s Category and Assortment Managers.
  3. Establishing Impact KPIs
    How to establish and manage procurement related KPIs which have a Proven Positive Impact. An in-company tailor made training for those responsible for establishing and following up on KPIs related to procurement/purchasing.
  4. Communicating Performance
    How to communicate on your organization’s progress towards a sustainable product assortment and how this leads to a Proven Positive Impact. An in-company tailor made training for those responsible for your organization’s corporate reporting.
  5. Vision & Strategy
    How to integrate a sustainable product assortment into your organization’s vision and business strategy. One to one personalized coaching sessions with members of your organization’s Executive Team.

      idh & ImpactBuying Academy 

      Living Wage
      Living wage is one of the knowledge areas of ImpactBuying as we believe that poverty for workers in supply chains is the root cause of many social compliance issues. That is why the ImpactBuying Academy, added the Training of Auditors on Living Wages in collaboration with IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative. First, second-, and third-party auditors are trained to verify the Living Wage Gap based on the IDH Salary Matrix. Besides training auditors directly, the ImpactBuying Academy also offers a Training the Trainer approach.


        We are offering 2 types of training programs:

        • Training the Auditor (1st, 2nd and 3rd party auditors*)
        • Training the Trainer (for 3rd parties*) *1st party = company, 2nd party = internal auditors, 3rd party = external auditors

        In the application, we ask you to select which of the two is applicable for you/your organisation. If you register not only yourself, but your organization or a group, please indicate with how many you would like to participate (please note that we have a min. group size of 4 and a max. group size of 6 participants.) All participants are required to register and send us the application form.
        The costs for participating the training programs are as follows:

        • Training the Auditor program: €350,- excl. VAT per participant.
        • Training the Trainer program: on request.

          Heartwood LLC and ImpactBuying join forces for the development of training and training materials on the topics Living Wage and Living Income!

          Jessi Grillo from Heartwood LLC has been involved in the development of the IDH Salary Matrix from the beginning and IDH, ImpactBuying and Heartwood LLC have been working closely together in the successful implementation of the Living Wage Roadmap.

          Now, in June 2021, HeartWood LLC and ImpactBuying have decided to start a new collaboration, to further strengthening the dialogue on Living Wage and Living Additional training programs on Living Wage are developed under de co-branding of ImpactBuying bv and Heartwood LLC. The main focus is on Living Wage, but Living Income is also in scope.

          The training programs are tailor made for each organization. The trainings that are offered are:
          – Training for buyers and sustainability managers on how to close the living wage gap
          – Tailor made training programs for companies around living wage and living income
          – Remote auditing training: judging the results of a filled out salary matrix

          Are you interested in one of the trainings above? Please get in contact with us to discuss the opportunities for you or your organization via info@impactbuying.com.

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