With transparency and traceability, we enable responsible buying for a wide range of customers in global supply chains.


Our deep understanding of global supply chains and many years of experience unravelling them, is the foundation of our consultancy services. The main goal is helping our clients to transform their supply chains. We are experts in Due Diligence research and (Human Rights) Impact Assessments. We connect the Proven Positive Impact results to reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We help our clients to implement their supply chain due diligence process and execute risk scans to understand potential risks at their (sub)suppliers. We support clients with the introduction and execution of a positive impact tender process. This allows them to work with suppliers that are ready, willing and able to work on Proven Positive Impact projects and where the stories can be shared with the conscious consumer. We work together with our clients in setting and developing strategic goals and positive impact KPI’s, and support our clients with their Integrated reporting. We are specialised in Living Wage, Living Income, Human Rights, and CO2 footprint calculation, always in a hands-on mode and focussed on a Proven Positive Impact.

ImpactBuying Academy

‘With every purchase you decide the World you want to have’. We believe that by 2030 becoming a professional buyer will be on top of the most wanted jobs list for young people. The place to be for truly having an impact on the world, is the procurement department of a company that takes sustainability seriously. The ImpactBuying Academy delivers a wide range of training programs for procurement professionals, sustainability leaders and quality managers who want to learn about sustainable business. Our Academy is also the training centre on Living Wage and Living Income, in close cooperation with IDH.

Consumer involvement

With our unique Double Sided Loyalty program we support our customers in giving conscious consumers a chance to buy with their heart. A QR code on the product package leads to the facts of the Proven Positive Impact project our client and their supplier(s) are working on. The real story of farmers, workers and growers at the origin of the supply chain is told, with regular updates and the possibility for our clients to connect this communication to their loyalty program. 

Doing so, we enable conscious consumers to buy with their heart. whereas we support retailers in setting-up supplier contracts based on Proven Positive Impact KPI’s. 

This commonly results in significant income contributions to farmers and growers or in direct environmental or social relief. 

The costs for these initiatives are either part of the product price or financed by existing customer loyalty programs.

Technology & solutions

We offer advanced digital solutions built on the ‘pick and mix’ principle. We have solutions for product and supplier management, supply chain transparency and IT tools for gathering, verifying and validating data. We allow our customers with our intelligent dashboards and visualisations to stay in full control of their supply chains and their Due Diligence risks.  All relevant data is securely stored in the ImpactBuying data warehouse. We recently developed the ImpactBuying platform where producers that supply to multiple retailers can share their supply chain information with customers in just a few clicks.

Data collection & verification

An IT tool without timely, accurate and complete information is an empty shell. We do essential supply chain mapping, providing our customers with evidence for product safety, social compliance and environmental risks. With a dedicated expert team speaking 21 languages, we are in close contact with all actors in our customers’ supply chain to collect the relevant data. We are accredited against the ISAE3402, to ensure that the mandate we receive from our clients is captured in agreed processes and data quality checks.

We offer full support with gathering, verifying and validating your data, ensuring the data can be trusted and turned into relevant information.