From IST to SOLL: We have the expertise to make sure that

you comply with the upcoming due diligence legislation.

ImpactBuying has the experience to lead you through all the due diligence steps necessary to be ready for the upcoming due diligence legislation. The Due Diligence Act (also named the Supply Chain Act or Lieferkettengesetz) has passed the German Parliament mid-2021 and the EU is working on an European Due Diligence law as well. We help you with high-end (legal) advice and deliver you an overview of your current “IST” status to the “SOLL” situation with our ImpactBuying baseline assessment.

We are able to  deliver the experienced staff to judge the quality of the data and when necessary: make sure that you have your basic supply chain data in order. Timely, accurate and complete. Our IT experts will show you what is the best and most pragmatic way to connect your existing data system and data sources to be ready to collect the supply chain facts you need. Do you want to know more about all the ways we can help you with this upcoming legislation?