Your role as auditor that verifies living wage gaps plays a key role in ending poverty.

In our training first-, second-, and third-party auditors are prepared for the verification of living wage gaps. After an intensive training session of 2×4 hours, the auditors make an exam to show they have the required knowledge on the IDH Salary Matrix, IDH Base Report and IDH Verification Guidelines, to verify a living wage gap as uniform and trustworthy as possible. Auditors that pass this exam get a certificate and license number, under which they can perform audits on living wage gaps.

All audit- or inspection bodies that signed an MOU with IDH can send their auditors to the training. The auditors and inspectors that successfully passed the IDH living wage training for verification of the living wage gap receive a licence number: this number is key for the issuing of the IDH Base Report. The personal licence number can be found in the right corner of the base report.

Dr. Lippert Quality Management (Germany)

Dr. Lippert Qualitätsmanagement ( 

Licensed auditors: 

IB20214561 Alexandre Garcia-Devis

IB20214534 Daniel Gomez de la Torre

IB20213924 Fernando Fernandez

IB20213401 Frederick Lippert



Licensed auditors: 

IB20215821 Murugiah Rajasingham

IB20217589 David Castro

Preferred by Nature

Preferred by Nature

Licensed auditors:

IB20212737 Rodolfo Gurdián Portocarrero

IB20216661 Nargiza Shaidyldeave

IB20217781 Mateo Cariño

IB20218487 Gusti Ayu Fransiska Dewi

IB20216718 Le Xuan Thao

IB20211818 Christian Sloth

IB20211273 Carmen Iturriaga

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