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Earning money and doing good can and must go hand in hand

ImpactBuying operates as a social business.

“A social business is defined as an organisation that seeks to be financially successful while creating social and/or environmental impact. It has commercial goals and it has impact goals

ImpactBuying wants to be at the forefront of this new type of enterprise, proving that you can be financially successful and do good at the same time.

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The Founders

ImpactBuying is a social business that was founded by the owners, Marjan de Bock-Smit, Leontien Hasselman Plugge and Anton de Bock . They are three purpose-driven entrepreneurs who share the vision that buying power should have a positive impact on the lives of people and the environment. They are convinced that it is possible for a company to be financially successful and do good at the same time.

All three play a role in the success of SIM Supply Chain, which was founded in 2009: Marjan as the founder and owner, Leontien as the CEO and owner and Anton as the Financial Director. SIM has become the market leader in supply chain transparency and delivers the technology and validation teams to provide retailers and manufacturers with “data you can trust, report and act on.”

Marjan said: “We experienced within SIM that delivering timely, accurate and complete data on supply chains, products and their risks is not enough to allow retailers and manufacturers to make a positive impact that can be proven. Trusted data is a hygiene factor, but you need more to move companies to make a positive impact that can be measured. In time we learned why retailers and brand manufacturers are not more effective in reaching sustainability goals, what has to be done and how to make it happen.

“In a world where quarterly financial results are key and buyers’ KPIs are not related to sustainability goals, we decided to come up with a new concept: ImpactBuying.”

Leontien said: “We know that there is a growing group of consumers who want to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ but in the jungle of labels, how can they make a choice?! We know that there is a growing group of CEOs and CPOs who want to ‘walk the talk’. We know that sustainability managers want to move from compliance to positive impact and that buying professionals are personally interested in making a difference. But as long as their KPIs and incentives are rarely connected to sustainability or proof, let alone to positive impact, nothing will change.”

Anton added: “The financial results of a company are key; you cannot be sustainable if your financial results are under pressure. We had to come up with a concept that contributes to the margins retailers and manufacturers need to make deliver good financial results to their shareholders. ImpactBuying is a simple but strong concept for category managers and buyers that is easy to implement and contributes to their EBITDA, while adding value to all participants in the supply chain, including those who need it most.”

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